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About Jason Poe
Jason Poe is a musician, songwriter, and producer from Austin, TX. His projects have been featured on ABC, E!, and more.

Flesh + Blood Fundraiser Update

After an album release, a concert fundraiser, multiple Spotify plays, iTunes downloads, and one garage sale, we finally raised $5000 […]

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Recapping the Flesh + Blood Release Party

Last night, I played my first show in over a year and it felt good!  It was great to get […]

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The Plight of People with Albinism – Social Discrimination

Yesterday, I wrote about the epidemic skin cancer rates among people with albinism (PWA) in East Africa.  Beyond this, PWA’s […]

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The Plight of People with Albinism – Skin Cancer Rates

Plight – A dangerous, difficult, or otherwise unfortunate situation As I learn more about the plight of Tanzanians with albinism, […]

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