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Flesh + Blood Fundraiser Update

Braille Typewriters

After an album release, a concert fundraiser, multiple Spotify plays, iTunes downloads, and one garage sale, we finally raised $5000 for the children at the Buhangija School in Tanzania.  We are still a little short of my goal of $6000, but my wife and I felt like it was time to pass on the money to our friends who work with the school.

Upon receiving the funds, our friends did a lot of work making the money go as far as possible.  Here’s what we’ve been able to purchase so far:

  • Ten refurbished braille typewriters
  • Refurbishing kits to repair the braille typewriters currently at the school
  • In addition, we also received six donated braille typewriters

We’ve already gone above and beyond the ten typewriters we had planned to donate!  Thank you for joining me in this fundraiser and providing for these children!

I would still love to raise the final $1000, as this will help with shipping costs and can provide additional items for the school.  If you would like to help, please purchase my album “Flesh + Blood” on iTunes, my online store or stream it on Spotify.

P.S. – The picture above shows a couple of the typewriters we’ll be sending.

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