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Recapping the Flesh + Blood Release Party

Jason Poe Flesh + Blood Release

Last night, I played my first show in over a year and it felt good!  It was great to get out there and perform some music again.  I often find myself paralyzed by my own perfectionism or unwillingness to organize a large event.  This time, we just went for it.  We had a packed house, and I rolled through 14 songs, new and old, and had the opportunity to explain the inspiration for each song.

It was really nice to stop and think again about the meaning of each song.  As an artist, sometimes you focus in on performing the song well, and the meaning can slowly become secondary.  It was nice to reconnect with the songs and put the meaning at the forefront.

I also had a chance to explain what I’m trying to do for the children at the Buhangija School.  People responded generously to the cause, and we were able to raise $1200!  The funds should be able to purchase 1-2 braille typewriters for the children there.  I am ecstatic!

I am so thankful for my friends who gave generously and spent their Friday evening with me!

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