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When are you going to release your new album?

Back in February I had the opportunity to complete an album with my friend Jeremy Larson (Sucré).  The recording went amazingly well, and has been sitting on my computer for a few months.  A lot of friends have been asking me when I plan to release it, and I honestly don’t know yet.  Here’s why:

Over the last year, some family friends have been working alongside the Buhangija School in Tanzania.  This is a government run school that tends to children with albinism and children with basic vision needs.  Through communications with our friends, I was given the opportunity to donate money to help the school (thank you ABC).  This really was a modest sum of money, but it purchased tables for the students to eat of off (they previously ate off the ground), and also provided new clothing for nearly all of the 200 students at the school.  I was amazed at how far my funds actually went to change these children’s way of life.  It was quite humbling, and even more so, very convicting (I apologize for the Christianese word, but I have no other way to adequately describe it).

In my mind I weighed the value of what I would have purchased with the money (a piece of music equipment) with the impact on these children’s lives.  There really was no comparison.

At that moment I decided to change the way I use my music as a business.  Instead of trying to further myself through selling albums, I decided that I need to sell albums to raise awareness and funds for others.  This is my current headspace.

Right now, I have the opportunity to purchase Braille typewriters for the students at the Buhangija school, so I will be using all the funds from this next album release to do so.

Short story long, this is why I haven’t released the musc yet.  I’m still planning and preparing for what this will look like.  I hope that you’ll stay tuned and join me on this journey!

* Also, I do not want the talk about my donation to come off arrogantly.  I just wanted to share with you an example of how far the American dollar can go when helping others in poorer nations.

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