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The Goal 10 Braille Typewriters
$5000 $6000
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About this Project

With the release of “Flesh + Blood”, I am attempting to purchase 10 braille typewriters (roughly $6000) for the Buhangija School in Tanzania.  This school provides shelter and education to over 200 children suffering from vision problems.  The majority of these children have albinism, which makes them susceptible to many other trials that impact their lives physically and socially.  By providing these braille typewriters, we will be providing increased education for the children which will equip them for better jobs and a better means of life once they leave the school.

How You Can Help

1. Purchase “Flesh + Blood.”  All the money from each sale will go directly into purchasing these braille typewriters.  You can buy the album on my online store.

2. Share this page with your friends. The only way I can reach the $6000 goal is if you help me spread the word.  You can share this page by using the Facebook Comments below, Liking this page, or by Tweeting about it.

These children carry a massive burden.  Your help in spreading the word and purchasing this album can help lift a small amount of this burden from them.  Thank you for joining me on this mission!